2011 Genuary
appML is an HTML extension specifically designed for web-based apps.     
2012 Gennuary
appML 1
Why another (but little, this time!) refactoring instead of the so-much-waiting first release?
That's because we want appML2 to be be a rock-solid foundation framework, that supports the writing (and manages the execution) of several little libraries to accomplish different tasks on several (potentially all) web runtimes: you can think to appML2 as a complete starting point to develop both applications or higher level libraries, since it will have all the basic features you can see in appML (that you could immediatly use to build portable web applications), plus the ability to be dinamically extended with external plugins (that will be easy to code, configure and template); this will foster the development of modular, resuable code and a growth of the entire project in a completely open way.
So, it makes no sense to release a still-not-ready version that, not being definitive, can't be a foundation for the development of related libraries (consider that most of the appML2 full release will be itself composed by different libraries running on the core).
That is the target, and i am totally committed to realize it the best i can. Each refactoring i did corresponds to a quantum leap in terms of functionality, ideas, efficiency or API semplifications: since i want the core to be as cleaner and lighter as it can be (to be capable of runnign well also on less performant devices), i am doing all the needed rewriting when integrating new features or concepts. I am not minding the time i'm dedicating to it: i just want appML2 to be as it must be, without compromises.
So still not appML2, ok. Where are the good news now?!?
The good news is that we finally have an appML v1.0! Yes, appML has now gained some important features the community is asking (in a way or another...) on the google group: it has several javascript controls for the appML elements, the ability to receive events from panels, pages and carousels, and it's now possible to create scrollables or carousels dinamically, or refresh them after a modify to their inner content (supporting in this way the creation of much more dynamic appML applications). Please check the new, little API at the documentation page: http://www.appml.org/documentation.html Remembering that appML1 is still mainly focused on iOS (other platforms, even teoretically compatible with appML, have some problems since the v1 has several iOS-specific tricks...), we can now enjoy a lot more with its new js events and controls... :-) So please continue to wait appML2 and, until then, have fun with appML1! A big hello to all, Fabris.
What a tag can do?
Google Maps Support
Thanks to appML and jMapping now you can easy include Google Map in you applications.
jMapping is jQuery plugin designed for quick implements a Google Map with a list of the locations that are specified within the HTML.
Its expect the HTML for the locations to be grouped under a common element. Additionally, it expects the links and Map Info Window content to be grouped under the location elements. It also expects the necessary metadata to be on the location element.
Install your web-app
The script places a floating balloon inviting the user to add your application to the home screen. iPhone does not support fixed positioned elements, so the message has to be relocated on each page scroll. (Matteo Spinelli cubiq.org).
The message appears after 2 seconds (customizable) from page load, and is destroyed after 20 seconds (also customizable). The balloon enters and exits the screen with a quick configurable animation: drop from top, bubble from bottom or fade in/out. (Matteo Spinelli cubiq.org)
appML is an official phoneGap tool
PhoneGap is an HTML5 app platform that allows you to author native applications with web technologies and get access to APIs and app stores.
Let your amazing application going native with appML and phoneGap
appML meets WHYMCA
2nd appML version introduction on WHYMCA!
Take a tour on WHYMCApp with offline feature or discover appML2 newest features (in italian only for now!)
appML Features
Stay tuned
appML is continually growing up!
This is just an alfa release, already functional but still not complete. We will release a beta release in the next few days, it will have a cleaner code and will expose appML elements management capabilities via javascript functions, and callback functions to listen at all appML events (page and panel switching, carousel swipes and so on).
We will then release a stable release as soon as possible, taking into account your suggestions and contributions: don't hesitate to contact us or play with the code! Stay tuned with the google group and follow us on twitter to remain in touch with appML!
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